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Closer Day By Day

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Starting a business means a lot of learning. That's an obvious statement, kind of like digging a ditch is dirty, hard work. In the middle of all that learning (and hard work!) you often get to learn from, and work with, great people. For the past couple of weeks, I worked with Michel, owner extraordinaire of Evaro Photography & Freelance Designer. Check out her work here:

She worked doggedly designing my logo. We spent a fair amount of time trading emails and ideas about colors and fonts and line weights. All definitely stuff out of my comfort zone, but thankfully I had Michel to guide me through these decisions. I wanted a logo that was unique but also grounded; which is precisely what I got.

Logical Structural Engineering for All

The column design indicates the work I do. I design the bones of buildings. I size the columns, beams, and shear walls. The script-like font speaks to the personal and unique touch I try to bring to my craft. The blue-green color indicates my interest in using the earth's natural materials for construction. Earth and wood are two of my favorite building materials.

Through Michel's creative coaching and talent, the logo lead to an icon. A smaller, often easier to fit, version of the logo. It portrays all the meaning of the full logo in a smaller versatile package:

I also was fortunate enough to have Michel take some portraits of me (and my wife assisting with the shoot) in my office. I think they turned out well!

Like I said, starting a business is a learning experience. I have been blessed to learn so much from Michel!

If you'd like to learn more about structural engineering, or Michel, feel free to email ( or call (720.610.6461). In two short weeks, I'll be open for business!

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