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You think your quarantine has been rough?

The old adage "When it rains, it pours" comes to mind as I think about a recent job. LOGOS was called to a south east Denver home to determine if the home was safe to enter. The owner had been asleep in bed when an enormous noise awoke them. The picture below is what the exterior wall of their bedroom, where they had just been asleep, looked like. A car had lost control on the adjacent main street and smashed into their house. An unwanted visitor no doubt, quarantine or not!

I advised the owner the house was safe to enter under limited conditions for the removal of their belongings, and wished them well. Thankfully, insurance will cover the damage, but what a rough way to break quarantine!

If you need any help with a structure, even in this crazy quarantined time, please reach out to LOGOS Structural. We'll be there!

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