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All about the work-life balance

I love structural engineering. I love my family. I am blessed to be in the position I find myself. I have work I love and a family who supports me in that work. I also have a family I love and work that supports them!

Just last week I realized I had achieved (for the time being at least!) that elusive state of work-life balance. One day I was elbows deep in a reconnaissance mission at a historic structure in southern Colorado.....

Historic Structural Engineering has it's dangers!  (Hopefully,, I'll be writing more about this door and it's surrounding building!)
I'll take door number....the other one!

The next day I took a break in the afternoon to have a massively important meeting, otherwise known as a tea party. Family life and work life have become!

Structural engineers have culture too, you know.
Clean cup! Move down!

I am blessed to have structural engineering skill to benefit my family. How can I use this skill to benefit you and your family, or business, or organization? Let me know at

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